@codeprogression let's encrypt is a great concept, but it fails to renew a bunch. I'll likely have to kick it again in May.

we were down for a few days with a dead cert. Now we are back up.

TJM is a way to quickly and easily track everything that comes at you so you don’t get overwhelmed and nothing get lost. Inspired by the analog Bullet Journal Method TJM is digital and works with any ticketing system that supports markdown or checklists.


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we could’ve saved the zune for them because podcasting needed a player.

We actually approached them, but they didn’t believe in our project or understand it.

The irony of anarchists is they they always want me to join a group.

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Don't forget about Tech Tuesday, every Tuesday at 5:30 at The Barn Light in Downtown Eugene. The weather is currently Clear with a temperature of 43.38.

I've been lurd by the wurd of the Lurd! Oh Lurd, I hurd your wurd and I dunbeen lurd!

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The aurora borealis seen from near Reykavik last night. Taken by our team out there at the moment. Absolutely stunning!

#NorthernLights #aurora #Iceland #reykjavik #nightsky #skies #photography #Photomonday

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We went to see the winter birds in #SauvieIsland, most especially the #SandhillCranes. They are the largest species of crane in North America and their distinctive call is haunting. We also saw #BaldEagle, #HarrierHawk, #Kestrel, #SnowGoose, #CanadaGoose, #Coot, #ScrubJay, #RedwingBlackbird, #WesternMeadowlark, and a few others. What a gorgeous day!

If you go, don't forget to buy a wildlife parking permit at the store next to the bridge.

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Hey, Americans — if you live in one of the 39 large cities covered by this, Lyft has partnered with Goodwill in offering a free ride to a job interview.

If you get the job, you can get up to three weeks of rides until your first paycheck.

This is amazing. Learn more here:


#help #jobs #employment #assistance #rideshare

@andrew got it working again! I made the mistake of editing the project page after I posted and inadvertently changed the slug in the url.

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